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Program "International Precious Metals & Commodities Show", 2018


Dear Sir or Madam,

the year is slowly drawing to a close and once again it is time for the annual precious metals show. Like the year prior, the event will take place at the MVG Museum - which is not quite as new a location as it once was.

Yet again, precious metals did not have a good time this year. Across the board, base metals made losses, indicating both difficulties of the large consumers and a potential economic crisis. Precious metals are no better. However, it is doubtful whether the market is to take on the sole role as definer of the price. Too much depends on maintaining the paradigm of paper money just a little bit longer.

Stock markets ran “round” once more and any stuttering of the engine is covered up with liquidity. If they are not endangering the system, bubbles are allowed to progress - like the cryptocurrency bubble in 2017 or the current bubble of the Cannabis stocks. The system itself is out of control and may only be maintained by violation of former regulations, whether political or financial.

As advocates of the real money, we have been wondering for years how long this can go on. The euro crisis has not been resolved and cannot be resolved within the euro system without completely destroying national sovereignties. The US interest increases, stocks rise, debt grows. A truly explosive situation. Turkey is heading for a national and financial crisis, Brazil and Argentina have chosen the ancient path of South African devaluation of currency - not to mention the current state of Venezuela.

During these tumultuous times, filled with changing signals, our show is to provide you with ideas and information as well as help you with your decisions.

Just like the years prior, exciting programs in collaboration with national and international speakers await your arrival. Peter Spina, founder of Goldseek and recognized guest speaker in North America, will take part for the first time this year. Just like Markus Koch, TV reporter of the NYSE, and Friedrich Lange from the Oxford Club. We are also happy to welcome the Swiss Egon von Greyerz of Matterhorn Asset Management. Robert Rethfeld, Claus Vogt, Marc Friedrich & Matthias Weik from Germany will also participate among others.


All speakers, including those not mentioned by name, our presenters Frank Meyer and Ralph Malisch as well as all members of the organization team are looking forward to your arrival.

On Friday, the first day of the event, the DEG Prize will be presented for the sixth year. The Deutsche Edelmetall-Gesellschaft e.V. - known for promoting the repatriation of Germany's gold from the United States - pays tribute to a deserving advocate and pioneer of physical investment in precious metals.

Finally, we would like to thank the supporting companies as well as our media and trade fair partners.

The organization team wishes you a pleasant stay in Munich!

Frank Hoffmann & Jan Kneist