Edelmetallmesse 2020

International Precious Metals & Commodities Show in the Year 2020

No year is like the other! During the last couple of weeks and months not only did the precious metals know just one single direction, but unfortunately also the media dissemination of a political doctrine of fear - starting from the political boardrooms in Berlin and Munich.

Without an exit concept, in the hope of a second wave that will start as soon as possible, politicians are pursuing a one-way street strategy that has already caused immense economic damage. It is precisely these politicians who have carte blanche without any personal liability. As so often, the bill is paid by the little man (and his children's children).

From today's perspective, events can take place again in Bavaria starting from September 1st, but subject to strict conditions. The Bavarian state government, that has declared the wearing of mouth and nose covers by its members of parliament in the state parliament as unreasonable, has meticulously drawn up a hygiene concept for such events.

The hygiene concept consists of a mandatory registration of all visitors (with address, telephone / cell phone number, email address and the duration of stay (!)), the wearing of a mouth and nose cover and the guarantee of the 1.5 m minimum distance. In addition to various concepts that need to be created in advance, each visitor must be allocated 10 m2 of the event area (!).

This unrealistic flu virus concept cannot be implemented by any organizer 100% in practice, nor is it acceptable. Too many questions and risks remain unanswered or persist.

This is the reason why the Precious Metals Fair will NOT take place in November 2020! But,…

... as bleak as the prospects may be, we optimistically look forward to November 2021. To shorten the time until then, we will again publish our annual trade fair magazine as a print edition in November, additionally there will be a new free online version.

Furthermore, we will record some presentations and publish the videos on the website.

We regret not having better news for you. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know. You will receive further news via this newsletter and / or via the Edelmetallmesse website.

Until then, and above all, stay healthy!

Munich, 20. August 2020