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Welcome to the 2017 Show!

For mining shares 2017 has been a very mixed year so far. We had a weak start, then saw a nice rally till the end of summer to then experience a consolidation. Many shares had a renaissance in the first half of the year. But despite the green lights everywhere, Gold and Silver seem not to want to rise any further, and with them the shares are weak this fall. A lot of food for the doubters in the free markets. For how long can huge monetary expansions and zero interest rates co-exist with weak or sideways-tending precious metals?

Just like in 2016, a lot of facts speak for investments in physical precious metals and mining stocks. The global monetary expansion is beyond all imagination and is rarely communicated, in order not to agitate the people. One can only surmise what's going on in the background to keep the financial system in its waking coma. What we are experiencing today is beyond normalcy.

We again succeeded in engaging top-class speakers from home and abroad for the show. Geopolitical risks are rising and with them the danger of a big crash. Who could better talk about this than Chris Martenson from the US. Don't miss his presentation!

From Germany we welcome for the first time Roland Tichy, a critical commentator of the current events, former chief editor of "Impulse" and "Wirtschaftswoche" and now editor of "Tichy's insight". Dr. Markus Krall is Head of Financial Institutions at goetzpartners. He wrote several books and writes columns on financial and currency issues.

After a break we are again joined by Torsten Dennin, Ralf Borgsmüller, Thorsten Proettel und Philipp Vorndran. Welcome back! Furthermore we once again welcome IMF critic Ernst Wolff and old acquaintances like Eugen Weinberg, Uwe Bergold, Martin Siegel, Dimitri Speck as well as many others.

An exciting framework program is waiting for you, including many presentations of promising mining companies from all over the world and the presentation of the DEG award (Deutsche Edelmetall-Gesellschaft). All exhibitors, speakers and the event team are looking forward to your visit in Munich!

Frank Hoffmann & Jan Kneist

Organizers of the International Precious Metals & Commodities Show