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Welcome to the 2022 Show!

We are especially pleased this year to finally welcome you back to Munich at the MVG Museum, after we were unable to hold two events in the usual setting due to dubious political decisions!

The world is getting more and more out of joint and help on how to protect one's assets and prepare for the possibly now actually upcoming collapse of fiat money is in demand. But it's not "just" that, as a major conflict between the West and Russia is becoming increasingly likely. As a citizen, investor and human being, there is much to worry about and wise decisions must be made now. 

The top-notch presentations at our show can certainly help you in this decision-making process. What about gold and silver? Will we witness the last great deception, a "strength" of the U.S. dollar at the expense of all other fiat currencies before gold and silver become unstoppable? The odds of that are high. Will inflation be brought under control or will it all spiral out of control, only to be followed by Orwellian conditions in which central bank digital currencies are introduced? 

Surely many of these and similar questions will be addressed and discussed at the precious metals show. 

Look forward with us to an exciting supporting program with new faces and old acquaintances. For the first time Matt Piepenburg, Carlos A. Gebauer und Claudio Grass and  will be at the lectern. Dr. Markus Krall speaks again, like also among other things Peter Denk, Dr. Eike Hamer, Jürgen Birner, Professor Max Otte, Egon von Greyerz. Also the "Urgesteinen" Uwe Bergold, Johann A. Saiger and Dimitri Speck are again with it. 

Part of the program are, as always, presentations of interesting mining companies from all over the world. All exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and the event team are looking forward to your visit in Munich!

Frank Hoffmann & Jan Kneist

Organizers of the International Precious Metals & Commodities Show